The "V 30/49-01-A"

(V: Vyskocil, 30: diameter of movement in mm,

49: height of movement in 1/10mm, 01: version, A: stage of extension)


The character, or the essence of a watch, is significantly determined by the interaction of technique and design. An interaction which should - like a composition - follow a certain harmony in order to please the beholder.

The guiding idea when creating the VA was to cope with a highly demanding feeling for harmony, a feeling that necessitated a complete redesign of a watch in her full spectrum, which for sure is unique in this depth.

The face of the VA is stamped by the decentral seconds hand at 9 o'clock, by the power reserve indication at 5 o'clock and by the central hours and minutes hands.

The crown, which is not placed in line with or perpendicular to the seconds indication, leads to the conclusion that the movement configuration does not follow classical rules. More about this later.

The positioning of the crown at 4 o'clock has, beneath an aesthetic motivation, also the pratical virtue that the crown cannot press itself into the back of the wearer's hand.

Above the 20, 10 and 0 indices of the power reserve display the letters ‚H', ‚M' and ‚S' are printed, indicating an additional function of this display. They visualize the three different functions engaged and controlled by the different positions of the crown: ‚H' - hour: separate adjustment of the hours hand (for example for changing the timezone); ‚M' - minute: lock-in-place minute hand; ‚S' - seconds: hacking seconds. If the crown is pushed in completely this display shows the power reserve. An affection of the minute by accident while changing the timezone should be avoided with thisindication.

The case of the VA has a diameter of 38mm at a height of 10.5mm. It is covered with sapphire crystals on both sides. The whole case is characterised by roundings. Last but not least to avoid dirt traps.